Special Education

As part of a writing team this past summer, along with Roy Ferguson (Psych.), Brooke Kauth (Math Fac.), Andrew Kelly (Techiest Guy Ever), and Steve Staios (Spec. Ed), we developed this site as a resource for teachers to use when programming for LD students in mathematics.  In doing so, I learned so much about Learning Disabilities, and in particular how dramatically different LD profiles can be depending upon the student’s deficits.   As part of my own reflective process, I came to realize what a disservice we do to our LD students by IEPing them with a modified program when logic would dictate that most of them would benefit much more from an accommodated program with the supports in place for the specific learning disability profile of the student.  Students with learning disabilities have intellects that fall in the average range.  Their abilities exist but they have underperformed for various reasons.  Changing a grade level will not remedy this.  What these students need is instruction to meet their learning needs – the beauty of this is that what is good for these students is good for all students.  Check the site, access the links and hotspots for ideas.