Primary Math Resources

Find some great resources right here.

Edugains has recently released this scope and sequence for Ontario math instruction.  It suggests timelines for certain expectations and revisits concepts over the course of the year.  Check it out.  This could serve as a great guide for your math program.

Math is Visual

This resource provides powerful images in short videos to support the conceptualization of the counting principles, as well as numerous other math concepts.

Grade One Math Strategy

This is the slide show used with grade 1 teachers at the first Math Strategy Session.  Grade 1 – Early Number Sense pdf

A very useful tool – one of the Guides to Effective Instruction.  This differs from the Strand Specific Guides and is part of a 5 volume collection that focuses on math pedagogy, problem solving, resources, parent communication, assessment, and much much more.  One of my personal favourites.

A lesson from for Grade One to find two numbers that combine to make 10, add numbers using concrete materials, and record addition number sentences.



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