Junior Math Resources

Edugains has recently released this scope and sequence for Ontario math instruction.  It suggests timelines for certain expectations and revisits concepts over the course of the year.  Check it out here for grades 4 – 6.  This could serve as a great guide for your math program.



Fraction Math Resources

This is the monograph provided to grade 4 teachers at the first Math Strategy Session. LNSAttentionFractions

The Junior Guide to Effective Instruction for Fractions. http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/resources/guides/NSN_vol_5_Fractions.pdf

Love this fraction work for examine area, set, and linear model.  Questions become progressively more difficult and are well suited for a variety of levels.




A lesson on counting fractional parts. http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod22_fraction_counting_activities.pdf

A template for number lines that use fractions. http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod22_template_fraction_number_lines.pdf

A lesson that looks at a number of fraction ideas that is suitable for grades 4, 5, and 6 http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod22_lesson_summary.pdf

A lesson that investigates equivalent fractions which are introduced in the fraction heavy grade 4 math curriculum.                   http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod22_exploring_equiv_fr.pdf

Ontario Junior Fraction Expectations as a continuum http://eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod22_curric_expectations.pdf

Use this link to get to clips and check out the fraction activities for grades 4 through 6.  http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/math/clips.html

Fraction Pathways from Edugains