Intermediate Math Resources

Edugains has recently released this scope and sequence for Ontario math instruction.  It suggests timelines for certain expectations and revisits concepts over the course of the year.  Check it out here for grades 7 and 8.  This could serve as a great guide for your math program.

Continuum of Ontario Mathematics Expectations

Toronto District School Board published a continuum of learning that allows us to see the ways in which expectations in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum build from year to year.


3 Act Math

Dan Meyer utilizes a format called 3 Act Math.  He presents a provocation.  Students hypothesize, estimate, discuss intuitive matters, then they work to solve a problem.  Following the problem, a discussion ensues and the solution(s) are shared.



101qs is a site that presents photos or videos as provocations and allows students to pose or formulate questions which they can then work on.



TIPS4RM is the Ministry’s answer to the Guides to Effective Instruction for Intermediate grades.  The lessons are written in a 3 part format with the high yield strategies for math instruction prevalent throughout.

Math is Visual

This resource provides powerful images in short videos to support the conceptualization of understanding integers and operations with integers, as well as numerous other math concepts.

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

This is a site that allows students to think critically about four different mathematical representations and decide which one they feel doesn’t belong.  They then justify their thinking.  The beauty is that each representation could justifiably be the one that doesn’t belong.


Figure This

Figure This is a site that provides engaging challenges for students to work through.  There is also a home component to involve families in this process.


Eyes On Math

Marian Small is a major contributor to the math culture in Ontario presently.  Amongst her many publications is a resource called Eyes On Math (written with Amy Lin).  Eyes on Math is a collection of images that can be utilized to support learning certain math concepts.  The PDF”s of these images can be found with the link below:

http://eyes on math 6-8