Rerouting to My Destination

Most of you know this by now, but I have left my beloved math team after 10 wonderful years, and have joined an amazing new team – the Centre for Success (C4S) Team as an itinerant teacher.  Initially, I saw this as my departure from the math world, but the more I wrap my head around my new post, the more I realize that I am, in fact, still immersed in the world of math but for a specific audience with specific tools and strategies.  The destination remains the same.

As this year progresses, my intention is to beef up my Special Education tab with resources and information.  It is also my intent to beef up my own understanding of how to better service our students with learning disabilities and to encourage my colleagues to join me on my journey.

I am pumped to see what this year holds.  There are many roads to the highway.  This one seems like a good one to take.  See you in September.