Grade 1/2 Number Talk

I had the pleasure of joining Mrs. Antonucci’s grade 1/2 class at W.H. Ballard for some Number Talks.  We are working on helping the students to articulate their own thinking as the solve mental math problems.  Today, in the photo, you can see we were working on understanding the associative property in conjunction with a “make 10” strategy.  The feedback from the class was that I will need to come up with something much more challenging because they are amazing little mathematicians!

Scope and Sequence

Edugains has long been a great resource for math instruction.  They have recently beefed that up even more with some great guidance for teachers to aid in their planning of math.  They have published a scope and sequence for the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum with suggested timelines for each topic.  Below is a link to the very general grade 1 – 8 sequence.  More detailed scope and sequences that are specific to divisions can be found in the corresponding tabs on my blog.  For example, click on the Primary resources to find the scope and sequence for grades 1 to 3.