Visualizing Fractions at Viscount Montgomery

I always try to have my posts revolve around anything innovative that could support student math learning.

I had the pleasure of working in Ms. Weston’s 6/7 room during which she was helping them to visualize fractions and use models to show their thinking.  I worked with a group that used erasable markers on the desk top.  I loved this as they felt comfortable taking risks and making alterations to their work.  What seems like such a small measure actually contributes to an environment that is inviting and safe for students.

In addition to this, I witnessed the textbook being used in an effective manner.  Ms. Weston used one problem from the textbook to reinforce the learning and consolidate student understanding.  I could see from my work with the students that they had a good understanding of the lesson from the day by observing and listening as they worked on only ONE question.  Do you need to have students do pages and pages of the same types of questions?  Thoughts?


One thought on “Visualizing Fractions at Viscount Montgomery

  1. I usually use one question, too. If I have evidence of their learning in class and I’m spot checking as I go, that last exit card is good to make sure they’re fine independently. I try to have pages/questions posted and available to students that feel they want some extra practise as well. Do what you need, not what I tell you, right?

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